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Firstly - to post on our forums you must register through our services page @

Macabre Votum is a large multi-timezone corporation.

We're a tight group who have been involved in nearly every major conflict in EVE over the past ten years. Our corp is a family and we take care of each other. We're here to grow as a group and continue to assert ourselves on the battlefield.

We're a bunch of guys who want to have fun in this game and we have fun by PVPing. We specialize in all forms of PVP and encourage new FCs to grow and develop within our ranks. M.V is always seeking to grow and improve upon itself and are willing to look at players to join our ranks, providing they have solid contacts.


Personnel Team:
  • TraderJohn
Public In Game Channel: M.V Live

Recruitment Status: VOUCHER ONLY

Minimum Requirements :
  • 45 Million Skill Point Minimum (If it is lower why should we look at you and what can you bring to the table, Question 13)
  • Must have references within M.V
  • Cap Capable (Force Auxiliary)
  • Must have at least 1,500 lifetime kills (Again, if you are deficient in kills, make sure to address this on Question 13)
  • Must have a working and clear microphone
  • Must be a team player and love to PVP

Applications will be viewed and commented on by members, if they ask a question make sure you answer it, this will allow us to see if your right fit for the corp.

During this process do not submit an app to corp, answer the following questions fully and do not miss out out anything, if you do either of above you will be denied.


SSO Tokens:
Macabre Votum utilizes SSO tokens during its screening process of applicants. All applicants must agree to hand over full SSO tokens for review TO AN AUTHORIZED M.V RECRUITER(List Above). Once a recruiter contacts you send the tokens to them. This is non-negotiable, failure to submit SSO tokens results in automatic denial of application.


Copy the Questionnaire below into a new thread post and wait for a response from a recruiter:

Macabre Votum Application Questionnaire (Motivate your answers properly, we want to know who you are.)

List ALL the toons you have on all accounts you own!



Character Name:
Skill Points:


Character Name:
Skill Points:


Character Name:
Skill Points:


4. How did u hear about Macabre Votum?

4b. Why do you wish to join our corp? What can we expect from you? What do you expect from us?

5. Do you know someone currently in Macabre Votum that would vouch for you? Their name?

6. What do you like to do in EVE and why?

7a. What timezone are you?

7b. How old are you?

8a. How many hours a week do u play on average?

8b. Have you've had any major breaks from the game? And if so, what was the reason(s) for it?

9. What corps and alliances you have been a part of and why did you leave?

10. What are your favorite ships to fly? How well can you fly them? Can you give us fitting examples? Would there be any ships like doctrine ships that would be an issue to fly?
(Especially about T3's, logies, caps)

11. Please link the killboard where we can find the best, most accurate stats of your self.

13a. Have you ever been and FC and if so what kind of fleets did you do?

13b. Tell us a bit about your experience during those fleets and if possible show us something you did (stream, youtube etc etc)
13c. Tell us about your overall fleet experience if you were not an FC.

14a. You are required to be able to fly a FAX on an alt in MV, what other caps can you fly and explain us what your experience are with those caps.

14b. Do you have a super ? If so can you also fly a fax on a seperate pvp alt ?

14c. Have you previously been involved in any large scale capitals fleet fights while in a capital ship?

15. IF applicable, why should the corp overlook any deficiencies?