Lloyd Rodio Application


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Lloyd Rodio Application

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Character Name: Lloyd Roido
Skill Points: 65m
zKill Link:https://zkillboard.com/character/95874124/

Character Name: Moo Moos
Skill Points: 18m
zKill Link:https://zkillboard.com/character/2118827679/

Character Name:
Skill Points:
zKill Link:


4. How did you hear about us?
Through Deconed, Web3 CEO Scar San
5. Why do you wish to join us? What can we expect from you? What do you expect from us?
Looking a formidable PVP Oriented Corp, While mining in the background. You can expect to be a productive/teamplayer, I expect fleets in my TZ =) PewPew.
6. Do you know someone currently in MV that would vouch for you? Their name?
7. What do you like to do in EVE and why?

8. What timezone are you?
9. How old are you?
10. How many hours a week do u play on average?
about 40+ I know i work while i play....its the time i make my isk.
11. Have you've had any major breaks from the game? And if so, what was the reason(s) for it?
I joined PH ran OBS in Pochven Made ISK INJECTED INJECTED INJECTED....Felt like that was end game, never got in a dread. So now im back to finish that....
12. What corps and alliances you have been a part of and why did you leave? I was in Brave back when they were in querious before they got evicted. left because they got evicted and had bad leadership for a few months. Joined PH to try the drone/safelands, Good ISK ratitng, Bored when to Pochven, Better ISK, Fights are amazing in Pochven. Left PH to venture out in WH with some friends, try something new. C4 WH.

13. What are your favorite ships to fly? How well can you fly them? Can you give us fitting examples? Would there be any ships like doctrine ships that would be an issue to fly?
(Especially about T3's, logi, caps)
My favorite ships to fly are marauders, Ive been wanting to do a PVP vargur Arty, but idk with this bastion nerf. Which i can fly Paladin, Golem and Vargur with t2 guns, and any t2 missile. Mainly use them for ratting tho. Stabber Fleet Issue is my favorite fast brawler ship, fitted with Web Scram and Double Repper.

14. Tell us about your overall fleet experience? IE large scale, small scale.
PH used to do large scale cerbs fights, so they were usually the go to ship. I would fly in those. F1 Monkey and read fleet broadcast, Small-Large scale was pochven pvp, tight fights, always about who has more neuts or more jammers, or who can boosh of the others fleet. Intense...
15. Have you ever been an FC and if so what kind of fleets did you do?
Never have been an FC. I follow orders and thats about it.

16. Do you have a super? If so can you also fly a fax on a separate alt?
I do not have a super, nor can i fly a fax on a seperate account, but i can def INJECT INJECT INJECT =)
17. Have you previously been involved in any large-scale capitals fleet fights while in a capital ship?
No experience in large-scale capitals, but im trained into a zinitra a few command ship and still need t2 siege module skills. On Pause atm.
18. IF applicable, why should the corp overlook any deficiencies?
Any deficiencies can be corrected in a few weeks or months to adapt whats needed in battlefield. Aslong as im making isk no problem :D
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