Taltos - Vipers Bastards


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Taltos - Vipers Bastards

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Character Name: Taltos
Skill Points: 255,802,352
Origin(created/bought): Created beta/Day1
zKill Link: https://zkillboard.com/character/144532913/

Character Name: Timarla
Skill Points: 157,745,998
Origin(created/bought): Created
zKill Link: https://zkillboard.com/character/112240702/ (doesn't do much) mainly use Taltos to chase peeps

Alt.2 :
Character Name: Casak Danika
Skill Points: 73,772,895
Origin(created/bought): Created
zKill Link: https://zkillboard.com/character/91157278/ (Doesn't do much)

All others on the MV site :) Azhure DeMesari (own account) and Azermane (very new damn u EVE!) are fairly recent, help with scouting and whatever I'm doing :)


4. How did you hear about us?
Vipers Bastards / WA

5. Why do you wish to join us? What can we expect from you? What do you expect from us?
To get more involved with PVP kick arse and chew bubble gum / or drink a beer

6. Do you know someone currently in MV that would vouch for you? Their name?
Only all the VBs that have jumped over already

7. What do you like to do in EVE and why?
Everything :) cos it's fun.

8. What timezone are you in?

9. How old are you?
Lost count after 16, 31 years ago

10. How many hours a week do u play on average?

11. Have you had any major breaks from the game? And if so, what was the reason(s) for it?
Alliances breaking up, Corp needing some downtime, etc. Other games and CCP pissing me off :) but can't stay away for long! - looking at u Ruud!

12. What corps and alliances you have been a part of and why did you leave?
Alliance - As above for leaving, but Obsidian Front, Gentlemans Club, Razor, and WA.
Corps - Shadow Wolves is my own from day one, then joined Vipers eventually as a work colleague, who ran with them, dragged me over, joined Space Mutts for a bit in WH but g-card went up the creek so never got to join in properly, and now I back with Dah gang :)

13. What are your favorite ships to fly? How well can you fly them? Can you give us fitting examples? Would there be any ships like doctrine ships that would be an issue to fly?
(Especially about T3's, logi, caps)
Very few ships I can't fly, but very found of stealthy ships/fast ships/dictors :) and drones all 5 by 5 :)

14. Tell us about your overall fleet experience? IE large scale, small scale.
Some large-scale and small + roams and defence looking to do more + hunt more neuts with proper backup!

15. Have you ever been an FC and if so what kind of fleets did you do?
not really, may instruct people when chasing peeps down

16. Do you have a super? If so can you also fly a fax on a separate alt?
Nope but can fly them.
My other char, Timarla also trained for Caldari fax and would move over + can train her in others

17. Have you previously been involved in any large-scale capital fleet fights while in a capital ship?
Unfortunately not.

18. IF applicable, why should the corp overlook any deficiencies?
cos pineapple on pizza IS nice :twisted: ! though ok am allergic to fruit and can no longer enjoy that delicacy.
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